Debilitating Pediatric Foot Problems Difficult to Diagnose

Atlanta, GA (May 19, 2011) – Children often experience foot problems that can negatively impact daily activities and quality of life. Some of these problems can be complex and difficult to diagnose. Dr. Andrea Cass and Dr. Craig Camasta, podiatric surgeons with Village Podiatry Centers in Smyrna and Atlanta, specialize in treatment and surgery of pediatric foot abnormalities. The two podiatrists recently addressed two of the more complex conditions in the 2011 Spring edition of The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Dr. Cass and Dr. Camasta authored the scientific article, “A Review of Tarsal Coalition and Pes Planovalgus: Clinical Examination, Diagnostic Imaging, and Surgical Planning” to focus on correctly diagnosing and treating these types of complicated patients. Tarsal coalition (abnormal bone connections) and pes planovalgus (painful flat foot) are often debilitating childhood conditions. The podiatrists shared their expertise with other surgeons for treatment plans with the greatest potential for eliminating pain and restoring range of motion.

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