Village Podiatry Centers steps out into the spotlight with Top Docs Radio appearance


(Atlanta, GA)- Mohammed Sharif, DPM of Village Podiatry Centers, recently joined fellow doctors from Advanced Vascular Resources of Atlanta and Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia in an appearance on Top Docs Radio. Together the doctors educated listeners on the multi-specialty team approach essential in achieving the best outcomes for patients with limb-threatening wounds.

With over 20,000 lower extremity amputations per month in the United States due to limb-threatening wounds, it is important that patients understand the significance of seeking timely advice from medical experts who specialize in the vascular and lower extremity areas.

Dr. Sharif is a board certified podiatric surgeon who routinely performs vascular studies to determine if peripheral artery disease (PAD) is present in his patients who appear to be at risk. Common risk factors include smoking, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and family history. If you notice leg numbness, a change in color of your legs, painful cramping in your hip, thigh or calf muscles after activity, then you may need to see a foot and ankle specialist such as a DPM as well as a certified wound specialist.

Dr. Sharif treats all types of foot and ankle conditions and sees patients at Village Podiatry Centers’ Emory Hospital Midtown location at 550 Peachtree Street, Suite 1960. Appointments may be made by calling Central Scheduling at (770)771-6991 or by visiting


From left to right: Dr. Mohammed Sharif, Dr. Doug Redd, Dr. David Schwegman, Charles Hall

From left to right: Dr. Mohammed Sharif, Dr. Doug Redd, Dr. David Schwegman, Charles Hall




From left to right: Dr. Mohammed Sharif from Village Podiatry Centers and Dr. Doug Redd from Advanced Vascular Resources


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