Happy Hour Shoe Shopping

By: Dr. Zia Mustafa  – Let’s face it ladies, whether we like it or not, some shoes cause pain.  Those 5-inch strappy sandals and the pointy toe ballerina flats can both leave you limping at the end of your day. Despite what we may think- the height of the heel is not always the culprit. Before you head out to pick out those snazzy shoes to wear to your holiday parties, there are some important things you should keep in mind. One key to picking a pair of comfy shoes is the time of day you purchase your shoes. Saturday morning shoe shopping may be the most convenient for your schedule, but it’s not the best for your feet. Fitting your shoes after 6-8 hours of activity may give a more realistic expectation of the comfort of your new favorite shoe. Shop for shoes during happy hour, your feet will enjoy it!

Dr. Mustafa currently treats patients out of our Middle Georgia clinic in Macon. To learn more about her background, you can check out her bio here.

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