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Staff Surgeons for Over 20 Hospitals
Surgical Treatment

Staff Surgeons for Hospitals and Surgical Centers

Depending on the procedure, surgery may be performed at a local hospital or at one of our affiliated outpatient surgical centers. Each of these centers is solely dedicated to foot and ankle surgery. The surgical centers are state licensed and staffed by skilled nurses and anesthesiologists. We perform thousands of procedures at these centers annually and receive the highest approval ratings from patients and their families.

Second Opinions

You are always welcome to contact us for a second opinion. A Village Podiatry Centers surgeon will gladly consult with you about your condition and explain the most appropriate treatment options. You concerns will be met with the highest level of expertise in a prompt and compassionate manner.

To schedule an appointment, call Central Scheduling or request an appointment online. Your recent X-rays, MRIs and CT scans will be helpful. If you have these available, please bring them to your office visit.