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Dr. Dane Ulett Presents Foot Health Lecture at Oglethorpe University

Atlanta, GA (March 22, 2010) Dr. Dane Ulett, board certified podiatric surgeon with Village Podiatry Centers, presented an educational lecture to Oglethorpe University students at the Emerson Student Center in Atlanta on March 16. The lecture, “Your Foundation for Life: Foot & Ankle Health,” focused on the podiatry profession and lower extremity healthcare.

The event attendees included aspiring medical students and students active in various sports. Dr. Ulett discussed the training of a podiatric surgeon and provided medical information on common foot and ankle ailments and injuries, as well as preventive care. He included a discussion of diabetes, a rapidly growing disease among all ages, which may negatively impact lower extremity health due to peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Ulett, who practices at the Village Podiatry Centers office on the campus of Piedmont Hospital, encouraged the students to have an awareness of when to see a doctor and not to take their foot health for granted.

“Young adults often ignore foot pain and continue activities despite suffering injuries that can seriously damage joints or tendons. My goal is to use community lectures to educate about the value of good foot health for a life time of mobility,” said Dr. Ulett. “I also hope to inspire students to consider the field of podiatry, a vital medical specialty for treating all ages.”

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