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Helpful Doctor Tips to Get Your Feet Ready for Winter

How to Take Care of Your Feet this Winter

With each changing season brings a new set of guidelines for keeping feet happy and healthy. Just as skincare needs change from summer to winter, so to do needs for foot health. For diabetic patients, proper care of the feet during winter months can be even more crucial. Read on to see some of our most important tips for winter foot care.

For runners or joggers looking to stay active through the winter months, be sure not to let icy roads alter your foot strike in a potentially damaging way. Ice on the ground can lead to slips and falls, so it’s best to simply shorten your stride on uncertain ground, rather than risk an injury with a longer, altered stride.

When dealing with snow or ice on the ground, it’s best to invest in a good pair of winter boots. Waterproofing is essential to protect your feet and keep them dry. To prevent any potential infection from wet, sweaty feet, consider foot powder inside boots to further reduce moisture.

Feet in wool socks near fireplace in winter time

Keep feet warm in dry socks during winter time.

A lot of us travel during winter months to see family and friends over the holidays. Always remember to wear comfortable, breathable shoes during travel, especially when flying. Feet can swell during long flights, and remember that you will need shoes that are easy to slip on and off during security checks. For these reasons, we recommend a set of comfortable loafers or other slip on shoes that can be worn with socks.

Another note on travel: Bring any orthotics that you already wear on a typical day. Vacations, especially trips that will include lots of walking and exploring new places, are not the time to try out a new pair of shoes. Make sure all footwear is broken in and to your comfort level.

Foot Care Items to Bring with You During Holiday Travels

  • Pedicure tools like toenail clippers, files, and emery boards
  • Blister pads to prevent blisters from forming and to protect existing ones
  • Bandages in case of small cuts on the feet or ankles
  • Foot lotions and creams to soothe tired feet at night, and to prevent over-drying in cold winter air
  • Anti-fungal foot powder or treatment cream for athlete’s foot
  • Antibiotic creams for blisters, minor damage, or skin irritations on the feet
  • Sunscreen to protect any exposed skin
  • Clean, dry socks – a new pair for each day
  • All of your usual orthotics or inserts

We hope these simple foot care tips for winter weather will help your feet to stay happy and healthy this season! As always, if you have questions about your foot care or need to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist, you may call us at (770) 771-6991. We look forward to hearing from you!

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